Regional Awards

While nationally sponsored awards are available in all regions, each of the following regional awards is available in its respective region only.

Northland Regional Council Water Quality Enhancement Award

This Award recognises initiatives taken to protect and enhance water quality and biodiversity values within the water that flows through and from the property. This includes initiatives limiting pollutant inputs into the water through good land management practices. For example, soil conservation, wetland protection and enhancement as well as implementing riparian management practices.

The 2020 recipients are: Jeff Martin & Helen Linssen, Te Karoa Farms

Auckland Council Water Quality Enhancement Award

This Award is given in recognition of a conscious awareness of the link between land management practices and water quality. The recipient will excel in one or more of the following areas; nutrient management, soil conservation and riparian management.

The 2020 recipients are: Garry Hewson, Laura Wallis and Dene Noonan – Auckland Council, Te Rau Puriri – sheep & beef

Auckland BFEA Farm Stewardship Award

The recipient of this award demonstrates excellence in farm stewardship, possibly by protecting or enhancing a special place, or by using sustainable management practices.

The 2020 recipients are: Alan & Khim Hellyer, Mahoenui Farm – sheep & beef

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Environment Award

Award 1

This Award is for an entrant who shows a particular enthusiasm or knowledge and expertise, and success, in one or more aspects of environmental management and technology. For example, the successful and extensive use of: bio-control to manage plant pests or have established an advanced effluent management system or have installed soil moisture probes or have highly managed forests/trees etc. The focus is on successful implementation and a high level of expertise. The aim is to showcase this success or expertise to others through the awards and this is where a farm may not be applicable but the entrant and a technique they are implementing might be.

Award 2

The focus of this Award is on good environmental practices that are sustainable and beneficial for the environment of the whole farm.

The BFEA programme was not run in the Bay of Plenty region in 2020.

Zespri Kiwifruit Orchard Award

(available for Bay of Plenty Region only)

This Award identifies the kiwifruit orchard that most clearly demonstrates the use of sustainable orchard practices and management. Key areas of focus will be environmental responsibility, economic return, community awareness and the ethical management of resources including labour and orchard inputs.

The BFEA programme was not run in the Bay of Plenty in 2020.

Waikato Regional Council Water Protection Award

This Award is given in recognition of excellent knowledge and attitude towards riparian management. The recipient will have all (or some) of the following mitigation strategies in place; good soil conservation measures and strategic planting near water bodies.

The 2020 recipients are: Mark & Felicity Brough, Paerua

Waikato River Authority Catchment Improvement Award

(available for Waikato Region only)

The recipient of this Award shows that they have analysed their current farm system for its effects on the river through farm practices, infrastructure and system limitations. They are then able to show changes they have implemented and how they have contributed to improving the ‘mauri’ or health and well-being of the river and its tributaries. The recipient would also need to articulate the farm’s vision for future enhancements.

The 2020 recipients are: Bryan Frederick and Stu Morgan, Waikeria Prison Farm

East Coast Farming for the Future Award

This Award is co-sponsored by the Gisborne District Council and the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. The Farming for the Future Award recognises profitable, advanced, environmentally sustainable farming. It focuses on land use and innovation in land management, soil conservation, provision for climate change and engagement with local government authorities.

The 2020 recipients are: Evan & Linda Potter, Waipapa

Taranaki Regional Council Sustainability Award

This Award recognises the farmer demonstrates leadership and commitment to sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship.

The 2020 recipients are: The Brown family – Rukumoana Farms

Horizons Regional Council Award for the Integration of Trees

This Award recognises the farmer who has planted trees to improve the sustainability of the property. It encompasses soil erosion, biodiversity, stock well-being and aesthetics.

The 2020 recipients are: Chalky & Lesley Leary, Onga

Greater Wellington Regional Council Akura Plant Nursery Lifestyle Farm Award

Lifestyle owners within the Greater Wellington region are making a huge contribution towards the lifestyle societies they settle in, the economics of the regions and the diversity of land uses they are exploring. This award recognises those who are creating economic and sustainable land management on a smaller scale.

This Award is for those lifestyle owners whose property is not their main source of income. Entries in this Award are not eligible for the Supreme Award.

The 2020 recipients are: Barrie Cook, Whakatomotomo

QEII National Trust Farm Stewardship Award

(available for Greater Wellington only)

This Award is for the creation of special places on farm and may include protection and/or enhancement of cultural, historic or unique natural or man-made features.  There is also a need to demonstrate management systems that include productivity and sustainability.

This award is supported in partnership with the QEII National Trust and the New Zealand Farm Environment Trust.

The 2020 recipients are: Jeff & Shirley Ravenwood, Fernglen & Motu-Nui

Environment Canterbury Water Quality Award

This Award is for farm practices which reflect the strategic importance of this natural resource to Canterbury and the connectivity between land use practices and water quality. To be considered for this Award, entrants demonstrated they are aware of the impact their operation has on water quality and have taken deliberate steps to manage this.

The 2020 recipients are:  Mike & Nicky Salvesen, Wakare

Otago Regional Council Quality Water Management Award

This Award will be given for on-farm developments and management practices that sustain and support healthy ground and surface water. The winning farm must be compliant with the Otago Water Plan water quality rules and conditions. Judging this Award will assess the range of environmentally sound water management measures taken on the property to protect, sustain and enhance water quality; and to sustainably manager water quality in ground and surface water.

The 2020 recipients are: Sam & Liz Barton, Montana Pastoral — Tapanui

NZFFA Otago Farm Forestry Award

This Award is for the wise use and management of trees and forestry on farmland. It recognises the farmer and grower who demonstrates good tree planting and harvesting practices alongside other land uses.

The 2020 recipients are: McKenzie Family (Colin & Elaine, Scott & Jo, Ryan & Jennel, Pine View – Clinton)

Environment Southland Water Quality and Biodiversity Award

This Award recognises the farmer who demonstrates sustainable farming practices, particularly with regards to water quality and biodiversity.

The 2020 recipients are: Geordie & Frances Eade, Granity Downs

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